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Bloggers Best Sources of Start up Traffic

Starting a blog follows a certain process:

First: You purchase a domain name and web hosting plan.

Second: You set up your blog’s theme and the design layout.

Third: You add about 15 great posts to it your blog for staple content (don’t forget to keep adding them though, that might help you in the long run)

Fourth: You get people to read your posts.

Fifth: You convert your new readers to a community

Sixth: You leverage your community to grow your blog more.

Blogging is easy, right?

Sure it is if you’ve got the right plan. You may or may not know this by now, but getting quality traffic to a website can be one of the most painful tasks of all time, or it can come as second nature.

There is no in-between on this one

The first two steps above are completely in your control, you can build a blog and get content added to it relatively quick. But, the other factor has elements beyond your reach… so you’ve got to stretch out and reach them.

You have to pick up your torch flame and lead some people back your way if you want readers on your blog. The best way of jump starting a blog ASAP is by guest posting!

How to Get Traffic to your Blog?

If you plan to blog, especially for a living, then you need to adapt yourself to extending your reach.

Your blog is your safe haven online, and it will stay a ghost town unless you make it inviting. Look at guest posts as party invitations, and have your blog geared to snag some readers and build a community.

It’s not difficult to sacrifice a post here and there for the sake of actually getting people to your blog! In this post I will share a small hacks to get traffic to your blog.

Guest Posting

Guest posting on other blogs gives you a chance to build your credibility in your niche, to start a loyal readership, and to connect with others who have grown their blog to a point you plan to reach.

guest posting

That last part is important because their growth will directly influence your own growth.

Here are a few “Google Hacks” for finding blogs to post on:

These are simple search queries you can run for narrowing down a Google search on finding blogs to post on.

What you should do before submitting any posts is to read their blog, read the comments, and then decide what kind of content they have already compared to what the people like to read.

Also, make not of any unanswered questions their previous posts might have. Take these ideas and construct a blog post that flows with their current structure and they will take you up in a heartbeat.

“submit * guest post” [your niche]
“write for us” [your niche]
“write * guest post” [your niche]
“guest posting opportunities” [your niche]
“guest post” [your niche]
“guest posting” [your niche]
“submit your post” [your niche]
“submit * post” [your niche]
“contribute” [your niche]
“contribute * post” [your niche]
“contribute * guest post” [your niche]

Note: the * insert acts as a “wild card” when using the phrases as search terms. The quotations will search for the exact phrase on a website locating guest posting opportunities.

However, if you were to search “Submit Guest Post” you would overlook anything that is worded like “Submit A Guest Post”. If you place a wild card symbol, *, in the place of the “A”, it will include any words there that would normally cause the phrase to be overlooked.

This includes ‘you’, ‘an’, ‘a’, and ‘your’. Anything you can think of will be included where the asterisk is for your phrase to find the largest number of posting opportunities.

I’ve got a few more strategies lined up on this topic to share with you guys (such as how to plan guest post topics, get your blog post approved, and maximize your benefit from it), but I’m saving all of that for another day.

For now you need to know the importance of guest posting and what possibilities can come from it.

Now, if you have your own thoughts on this I’d love to hear them. Have you been featured before on someone else’s blog? Were you nervous about it when you first sent it in? I know I was, but I was more excited than anything.

Leave me your thoughts below in a comment, I would love to hear them!

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