Some Personal Tips To Remember In Being Great Motivational Speakers

So you want to be good motivational speakers in the future. That’s great! However, it’s not just a mere want of becoming motivational speakers that will actually help you get there. In becoming really great motivational speakers, you will need tons of practice, you will need to go through lots of trails and errors, and you will need to gain tons of experience before you can consider yourself as being one of the great motivational speakers.

Not everyone is naturally gifted with the power of oral communication, and for the majority, practice and lots of speaking techniques need to be learned in order to be a great motivational speaker. Most of the people that we encounter here at ask how they can turn their presentations into something that people would really enjoy. We always give them the same answer: practice, and be confident. If those seem to be too vague for you, let us delve further into the best tips you can remember to improve your presentation skills.

• Practice  –

You would want to rehearse your speech more than once if you want it to be delivered with the most conviction, enthusiasm, and energy. Although a lot of people tend to be extremely busy with other things to find time to practice, finding time to practice is necessary to make sure that you will be able to deliver an excellent presentation. Most of the people we know stay up late at night just so they could practice their speeches repetitively, especially the night before the big day.

If you want to really sound great, do not just trust in yourself that you would be able to talk about it randomly without a guide. Ensure that you have a script ready, just in case you get nervous.

Great Motivational Speakers
Some strategists also suggest that you should rehearse your speech while you are in differing positions. Practice your speech while you are standing, sitting, lying down, on one leg, or even while you are in the toilet. The more positions you put yourself in while you practice, the easier it would be for you to be comfortable with your speech. You can also try presenting it in front of a friend of yours, or you can also opt to tape yourself while you present your speech so you would know if you have any unknown bad habits you might want to get rid of.

• Use Your Nervousness to Enthuse Yourself –

Motivational SpeakersThis might be weird, but it actually works. If you are feeling nervous just minutes before you open your presentation, we recommend either listening to energetic music or drinking an energy drink, as these will help you turn any nervousness that you might feel into much needed enthusiasm. We have come to realize, through experience, that enthusiastic speeches are better delivered than eloquent ones. Since not everyone can be as good of a public speaker as Winston Churchill or Abraham Lincoln, it is important that you master enthusiasm as it might just drive your whole speech to success.

• Talk To Your Audience –

It is also important for you to actually get to know the people who will be attending your talk. Socializing with your audience will help make it easier for you to speak in front of them, and will also encourage the audience to think of you as approachable and likeable. If you can, ask questions and always listen to what they have to say, as whatever they tell you might be of help with your speech.

• Get Used To Your Surroundings –

Be comfortable with the venue where you are going to do your talk. Spend time in the room where you will make your presentation. You can even try practicing with the lighting and the microphone. This will also give you the chance to possibly see any potential distractions before they do any damage.

• Attend Other Speaking Events –

Show up at other presentations as an audience and watch how other, more experienced motivational speakers deliver their speeches. These might give you tips which you might not learn in any other way. Try studying how the presenter organized his speech and how he is capturing the attention of the crowd.

• Come To The Venue Early –

This is necessary not just because it will help you to not be late, but because it will also help you get used to the environment where you are going to speak so some of those jitters you have can leave you in peace.


Here we are sharing some personal tips for being  great motivational speakers. If you want to know more, you can contact to us.