Uses of Custom Patches

People carry identification cards so that they can have access to places or compounds that allow entry only to authorized personnel. School children carry them to gain entry to their schools. Employees, military and police personnel, and teachers are some of the common users of ID cards. Although most of them wear prescribed uniforms, their ID cards can vouch for the legitimacy of their existence. Likewise, without their valid ID cards, identifying them will be difficult.

Patches for Identification

There is another way to distinguish and identify people from among a group or an organization. A stitched piece of cloth sewn, taped or ironed on garments or uniforms bearing the name of an individual or group, serves the same purpose as the ID card. That stitched cloth is called a patch and is usually customized to suit the needs of the user. Custom patches vary in sizes, shapes, materials and colors, making them distinct from others.

The first known users of patches are the Chinese, Indians, Arabs and South Americans. They were said to have used patches centuries ago. In the past, the items were used to identify and distinguish the ranks of soldiers and royalties.

Custom Patch

Patches in Fashion

During the 60’s and the 70’s a breed of young generation people took to the streets of the United States to protest the war in Vietnam. Those young people were called Hippies. Their outfits were a departure from the tailor-made coats and dresses. They wore surplus military uniforms and rugged denim pants. They adorned their outfits with different patches designed to express their want for love and peace, instead of war. They also used patches in their bags, caps and head bands.

During that time, the Hippies’ influence spread around the world. However, years later, a new breed of young people were introduced, the Punks. Similar to the Hippies, they adorned their outfits with patches, but with the names of their favorite rock bands.

During the time of the Hippies and the Punks, patches were transformed into fashion accessories.

Patches and Expression of Opinion

During the time of the Hippies, while they were protesting on the streets, they brought not only streamers and placards, but also small patches. Through these small items, they got the chance to express themselves even without uttering a word. The theme of love and peace was the most notable among their patches.

Today, you can see that most people are using patches. Whether they are for identification or as fashion accessories, its use and popularity goes on.

Other Uses

Since the early days, they were used to cover ripped parts of garments. Aside from this, custom patches uplift the morale of a group member. By having a patch identified with a group, a member experiences the feeling of belonging to a group.

Investing in Patches

The great demand for patches brought about the birth of many businesses. Businessmen invested in manufacturing patches. Sales outlets selling patches increased in number. With this development, the increase in job opportunities also followed.


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