Golf Shirts Buying Guide

Wearing the appropriate shirt for a golf game goes beyond complying with a golf club’s dress code. Most private country clubs require golfers to wear a collared shirt so do keep this in mind when shopping for your top apparel.

Golf shirts are designed to provide the comfort required by golfers and help them maximize their performance on the course. Golfers have to deal with the fickle weather, perspiration, and the sun’s harmful rays when playing a full round of golf. For optimum performance, their shirts should help them stay cool, dry, and comfortable on the hottest days or water-protected and warm during cold, wet days. Shirts designed for golf excel in moisture management and ensure protection from weather and course elements.

When shopping for golf shirts, you will usually come across these features:

  • Moisture wicking fabric –

    Moisture wicking fabrics draw moisture and sweat off your body into the outer surface of the shirtwhere they can dissolve more quickly. These fabrics are generally made from polyester blends which, like other synthetic materials, retain significantly much less moisture than natural fabrics. Wicking fabrics are specifically woven to force the moisture through the gaps and into the material’s exterior allowing golfers to play dry throughout the game.

    The technology involved in the production of moisture wicking garments make them more expensive than regular fabrics. The comfort and dryness that this type of garment offers, however, far outweigh the price tag. Fortunately for serious golfers like you, stores like make it affordable and easy to invest on clothing that can help raise your performance and confidence level.
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  • Anti-microbial or anti-bacterial finish

    Perspiration and other bodily fluids provide an environment which is conducive to the rapid growth of bacteria. These organisms, in turn, break the moisture down into acids which eventually cause the unpleasant smell. Anti-microbial or anti-bacterial finish keeps the golf shirt fresh all day. These keep your skin safe, too – at least to a degree. After all, microbes cause all sorts of dermal dilemmas if left to proliferate.

  • Microfiber

    A microfiber is an extra-fine fiber usually made from polyester, nylon, or acrylic. Microfiber shirtsare breathable and work better at absorbing and wicking moisture than natural fabrics.

  • UV protection

    While a sunny day can be a great time to play golf, the ultraviolet (UV) radiation from sunlight poses a hazard to unprotected golfers. These invisible rays can have profound effects on the body. Prolonged exposure to the sun can cause skin damage such as sunburn or worse, skin cancer.

    To protect against UV rays, you can apply sunscreen to exposed skin and wear clothing with ultraviolet protection. Shirts made of synthetic fabrics like polyester and nylon have good sun-blocking qualities. Fabrics which are tightly woven have a reduced amount of space between threads and thus,leave less room for UV radiation to pass through. Textile manufacturers can treat fabrics with chemicals that absorb ultra-violet radiation.

    Sun-protective fabrics must block both UVA and UVB rays and are rated for their ultraviolet protection factor (UPF). For instance, a UPF rating of 20 means that the fabric only allows 1/20th of ultraviolet radiation to pass through. When it comes to these numbers, it’s always a wise move to pick the higher option.

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